One of my favorite bloggers, Sara from Sara in Le Petit Village, (reminds me I need to do  a follow friday on her) when she doesn’t have enough to make up a whole post will do summation posts of smaller events and comments. With not much going on here except for winter and waiting for my cruise next week, I thought I would do the same.

*Last November I wrote about my self diagnosed, because self diagnoses are so reliable, seasonal affective disorder and my plans to use light therapy to counter it this year.  Well not so fast.  This winter has been horrible weather wise.  I am sure most of you are aware of the horrible cold but we’ve also had loads of snow storms.  Yet given all this I haven’t had a repeat of the messed up sleep schedule, depression, and weird appetite changes. Nothing is really different this year than the last two. I still have my chronic health problem, that seems to flair up more during winter. Most of my life situation is identical. I still eat bad food.  I’ve only turned on the happy light two times.

*Perhaps it is my expectation of my coming cruise that is making this winter more tolerable. In 2012I solo traveled to London and Paris.  Last year I took a week of work but do to circumstances didn’t really go anywhere.  So this year I wanted to go on a real vacation and relax.  I friend and I decided to go on a cruise.  So next Saturday I fly to Florida and get an a big ship and sail to San Juan, St Marteen, and St. Thomas.  I’ve never been on a cruise before and I am looking forward to doing nothing for 8 days but bask in the warmth.

*A couple of spring ago I decided to buy a new winter coat.  I went to the outlet store and found a really big warm looking coat. Usually $300 I got it for about eighty.  The last two winters have been mild so I haven’t needed to wear it often.  Like I said this winter has been brutally cold so I’ve warn it a lot.  Well It is one of the worst bits of stitching I’ve ever seen.  I’ve already lost a pocket. It completely tore out and is held shut with duct tape.  Just today I noticed a bunch of the other stitching is coming loose.  Hopefully it can last till I move somewhere warm.

* The Superb Owl took place on Sunday.  As I do most years I went to a friends place to watch.  A bunch of people come and bring pretty good food, and hey it’s free.  All the experts told us it would be a good game.  The two teams were very closely matched with the Denver Broncos getting slight edge.  Well as you probably know it was a blowout. The Seahawks stomped the Broncos from beginning to end.  The game ended up being boring and the commercials weren’t even that good.