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Pre-Trip Anxiety

At 6:30 am on Saturday I will be on a plane heading to Florida to get on a big boat and then spend 8 days doing as little as possible.   Yet over the last few days I haven’t been excited. I’ve been anxious. I’ve been  rundown agitated and unable to focus on things and having difficulty sleeping. I am not anxious about a specific thing.  I am not worrying about the plane flight, or getting sick on the ship. I just have a general sense of unease and of being unsettled.

I have been thinking back and I get this same feeling before trips. Whereas other people get more excited and count down how many sleeps until their trip starts I seem to be trying to make the time before pass as slowly as possible. I had the same feeling before Monaco in 2008 and London/Paris in 2012.  I loved both trips.  I am confused by this.  Could it be because of the list of things I have to do? If I was doing something big like going to live in Paris for six months I could understand but I have no idea why I have this reaction to going on a cruise and sitting in a deck chair. Does anybody else experiences this sort of thing?


  1. DrOakley

    Uh… No.

  2. Jake T

    Traveling to new places is fun, but makes me anxious, particularly if I'm in charge (or by myself) and even more so if there's responsiblities on the other end, ie. a work trip.

    I've realized in the last few years that I trust in the routine of every day life to be able to do well at my job–when the routine gets tossed out, I start to freak out a little bit.

  3. Anonymous

    I'm with you, Tim. I love traveling, but I'm always super nervous beforehand, and I never really know why. Too many unknowns, maybe?


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