As most of you may be aware we are experiencing some really cold temps here in North America.  Temperatures have been below 0F for days on end with windchills (what it actually feels like) dipping to -30F/-34C.  Needless to say(though I am going to say it anyway) it has not been pleasant out.

Take this mornings drive to work as an example.  Note: I don’t have a garage. Not only were the windows frosted over on the outside but there was also ice on the inside.  At less than three years old I would assume my car would have no trouble starting. I turned the key and the starter motor made a low ru ru ru sound.  Luckily after a few seconds it roared, well as  much as a Ford Fiesta engine can roar, into life. The gear shift felt like it was moving through molasses the fluid was that thickened. The number one thing that blew my mind though was the LCD display panel. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display ie, there is liquid in there.  The display changed very slowly.  I tried to get some video of it.

And this was after the car ran  for a couple of minutes.  Imagine what it was like when it first started.

I am usually a big fan of winter and snow but I am so done with this one.  I think it is time for me to take up my Dad’s yearly mantra of: Next winter I won’t live here.