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That was the week: cold, confusion, snow, and time wasted

I had a Doctors appointment on Tuesday morning and a test he wanted done was scheduled for Monday morning. I arrived at the Doctors office on Monday, gave my name and started waiting.  I waited and I waited and I waited.  After about forty minutes of waiting, the receptionist tells me my appointment isn’t until tomorrow.

“I’m not here for my appointment but for my test.”

“You have to go to the lab for that,” she responded and gave me vague directions to the lab.

After about fifteen  minutes of wandering around I found the lab and checked in.  They were backed up so I sat there for about twenty minutes. The technician looks at my chart and says, “Your doctors appointment is tomorrow.  This test takes two days to get the results.  You need to go back upstairs and make a new doctor’s appointment.”

I rushed back to the fifth floor and remade the appointment for Friday. Back down to the  lab I went.  When I got there they inform that it’s too late know and I have to make another appointment for the test for the next afternoon.

This test was a screening for the big C, cancer. The doctor has been caring for me for about ten months. He nonchalant about it. He reassured me that there was no evidence of cancer and my symptoms clearly pointed to something else.  I tried to be calm about it but even the mere mention of the word can be frightening.

I managed to remain pretty calm as the days passed. Usually the hospital either calls or sends me an email with the results. Thursday ended with no news.  Then I realized they are not telling me the results because it’s bad and they wanted the doctor to tell me.

I was nervous as I waited for the doctor to show up.  Finally he came in and we started talking about my health problem.  It’s only after about five minutes he remembered. “Oh yeah you had that test.”  He glances at the results.  “That’s good.”  And that was that 🙂

Friday the snow came.  I love snow.


  1. Liene

    I love snow also. Too bad I live down south where we might get a dusting of the white stuff once a year – if we're lucky.

  2. Tim Dudek

    Liene, sadly we've had very little snow the last couple of winters. Hoping this year is different.

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