Random Christmas memories.

*On of my earliest memories is a dream I had on Christmas eve.  We had been told that if we snuck out of our rooms Santa would know and wouldn’t stop at our house.  In my dream I and my brothers snuck out to try and get a look at Santa. When he came around we tried to hide but the whole house turned to glass. Santa flew around the house on a golden bird ??? and caught us.  I woke up so afraid we’d have no presents.

*That wonderful anxious feelings as I lay in bed every Christmas eve in anticipation. I had that feeling well until my late teens

* One Christmas we didn’t get very many presents.  We were all kind of bummed when one of my brothers went into the basement.  Turns out my parents had gotten us the ultimate toy we wanted, the Atari 2600

*Santa Claus came to my house well into my early twenties. My parents would still hide the presents and put them under the tree after I went to bed. Just like old times Santa showed up while I was sleeping.  This time he brought snow.

*We weren’t allowed to open the presents under the tree until everybody was up.  But we could get out what was in our stockings. There were always some sports cards, a magazine to read, and a few nice little toys to keep us occupied until the eldest son wandered out of bed.  Didn’t he know there were presents waiting 🙂

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