So today is the 12th day of NaBloPoMO and the first time I’ve really had to struggle to come up with something to post. There are a fair number of things I could post on. But I do a lot of self censoring online these days. I don’t do it just to try and keep people having a positive opinion of me, though that is part of it, I also don’t want to unnecessarily hurt someone else’s feelings. As part of a self improvement program I am doing I am trying to come up with five beliefs about myself that are false. I am having a hard time with it. My number one belief about myself is that I am honest with myself about myself. That belief is either true, in which case it will be hard to come up with five false beliefs, or it’s false and it gets to be number one. Lame but I managed to write something. I should have done what did and used somebodies list of questions as a starting point for blogs but it is too late now.