In a cheap bid to keep nablopomo going I am posting a blast from the past from way back in 2004

Here is the description of an authors first acclaimed literary novel:

Suder takes it name from its protagonist, Craig Suder, a black third baseman for the Seattle Mariners. A failure on his tean, in bed with his wife, and in his relationship with his you son, he walks away from his problems when his manager encourages him to go on leave. (Up to this point things sound good. This is a promising set up for a compelling internal struggle.) The manager, who is also a demented taxidermist, lends Sudar a cabin in Portland, Oregon, and sends him there to get some rest. On his way to the cabin, Sudar develops an obsessive-compulsive preoccupation with “Ornithology.” a Charlie Parker jazz standard. He plays it on a record player that he takes with him wherver he goes, and decides that he will learn to fly under his own power. Suder’s series of misadentures includes his being pursued by a Narragansett Indian Cocain dealer, an obese gay Chinese man, and his manager, who desperately wants to stuff an elephant Sudar has befriended.

uhhhh….. huh ………. I ….. ohhhhhhh…. brain hurt