Ford Fiesta Sport

I have an approximately three year old Ford Fiesta. It is a great little car, a manual that gets almost 40 mph. I’ve really liked it so far. Sadly, it has started to have problems.  The check engine light keeps coming on.  When it does the engine loses power like it is about to die. Not the best driving experience.  Stopping and restarting the car usually clears up the problem for a bit.

I called up the dealer a couple of weeks ago and asked to have it looked at.  The only appointment they had available was the next Monday morning.  The problem being I had to go to my parents over the weekend. I ended up renting a car.  I ended up being out of town when the appointment was so I cancelled it.  I hadn’t called for a new appointment because the car stopped having the problem.

Yesterday it starts having the problem again.  I called again and the only appointment they have is next Monday.  It’s Thanksgiving day on Thursday and I have to head up to my parents.  I really don’t want to rent another car.  I guess this is more a rant against the dealer than the car itself.