Jobu and I  like to play the “runny chase game”.   Jobu “hides” somewhere in plain sight and crouches down in ready mode. I run up behind him and he sprints into the bedroom or across the living room.  I chase him and when I get close I turn around and he chases after me.

The other night Jobu was in a particularly playful mood. He ran from room to room, playing with his toys. We were playing the runny chase game and Jobu ran into the unlit bedroom.  I ran after him and just as I got to the door he decided to sprint out of the room at full speed.  It was dark in there so I am not actually certain what happened. Just as I ran into the room I felt fur between my legs.  I tried to shift my leg out of the way so he wouldn’t run into me then WHACK!!!!!.  It felt like someone took a baseball bat to my ankle.  I went down in a heap and Jobu ran into the living room. I crawled out of the bedroom saying “Are you ok Jobu? Are you ok Jobu?”

He took a few steps and then shook his little fuzzy head around.  Then he took a few more steps and shook his head again.  I started petting him and asked if he had a kitteh concussion.  He seemed fine.  I told him, “not much in your skull to hurt.”   At that point I suddenly realized how much my leg hurt.  I iced my leg and checked up on Jobu a few times during the night just to make sure he was doing ok.  This wasn’t he first time he has ran his head full speed into something hard.  He isn’t very bright.

I am happy to report Jobu is fine and I now have a nasty bruise cat head high on my leg 🙂