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A hypochondriac with a long term health issue walks into a bar

I admit there will be no bars in this post.  I may have mentioned it in an earlier post but I am a hypochondriac. I also don’t like going to doctors which makes for an odd combination. Under normal circumstances it is annoying if easy to deal with. Get a rash and run to the internet to find the worst possible diagnoses ever.  A headache is obviously a tumor. I once convinced myself that I had one of the rarest forms of cancer known. TMI(turned out I was constipated)

When I am actually suffering from a medical condition the ol’ hypochondria can kick into overdrive. I am in treatment for a long term health issue. No I won’t tell you what it is.  If you should know you probably already do. It is six months since I was diagnosed.  My doctor cheered me up by telling me he had the same thing and it took two years for it to clear up. Thanks doc.

Like with many long term health issues, mine ebbs and flows. Sometimes I am symptom free, and other times it gets worse. When the symptoms get worse in walks our good friend, hypochondria. “Dude that doctor is probably a quack.  You really should search the internet for horrible diseases to self diagnose.”  “You should really alter the medication you are taking.”  The slightest twinge of pain or discomfort causes concern.  Back or neck hurts slightly.  “You didn’t sleep wrong. You are riddled with disease that will not be treatable.”

I have found a few good ways to deal with Mr. Hypochondriac.  Go out, find some friends, and have some fun.  It also helps to watch/listen to something light that makes you laugh. I have been getting a lot of traction from an old podcast that started in 2006. The Katia and Kyliemac podcast was ostensibly about their lives in France but is mostly just a funny and hilarious bit of banter. It ran for about six years before sadly shutting down last year.

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  1. FoleyPod

    There is someone very, VERY close to me who also suffers from Hypochondria. Her worst enemy is unfettered access to the internet. That can be very hard sometimes.

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