Just witnessed something interesting. A multi use path runs near my house. People walk their dogs, jog, and a lot of bikers use it. Out for a walk this morning I notice that a group of 4 or 5 people are just stopped  in the path having a  conversation. They weren’t being totally obnoxious but they were blocking some of the path.  I thought, this is gonna be good. We get some of those serious cyclists who think they are in the Tour De France. And as is widely known cyclists can be some of the most self centered jerks when on their bikes. I imagined we would  soon see the clash of the  jerks. 

Shortly after I passed them it happened.  I heard a commotion and turned to see a cyclist and one of the people screaming at each other.  I just laughed and was happy no one got hurt.

I did think it odd that the one yelling an cursing the loudest was the man standing on the path.  He was the one in the wrong.  The cyclist had every right to ride down the path.   I wonder if he reacted so angrily because he knew he was in the wrong or was he really so self delusional not to know.  I imagine him sitting in his house right now realizing he was the one wrong in the situation.