Another blast from the ancient past. My short review of Napoleon Dynamite

 When this first appeared on my blog back in 2005 it had the title

WORST MOVIE EVER!!!!!  so you kinda know what you are about to get.

Trust me on this one NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER IN ANY WAY AT ANY TIME watch a minute of this movie. Your head will explode by the massive amount of suck. Napoleon Dynamite is now the #1 bad movie I have seen. I started to experience physical pain after the first ten minutes. I managed twenty before I turned it off. I didn’t realize something could be so bad it actually would become evil. For the good of mankind I charge all good people everywhere to find every copy of this movie and destroy. It’s so bad it’s dangerous and could destroy the very fabric of civilization. I give it a zero, I award it no points, my God have mercy on its soul.

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