I am sure most of my readers, all 30 of you, are familiar with Nicolas Cage’s 2008 masterpiece of film making: Bangkok Dangerous.  It received the illustrious 9% approval rating on rotten tomatoes.

Here is the trailer for you to behold:

By all accounts this is a terrible movie.  For some reason I have really wanted to see it.  Perhaps just to torture myself or prepare for a dystopian post apocalyptic future. In a few years from now when I am running and hiding from the mutant zombie weresquirrels I can think, well at least this isn’t as bad as that time I watched Bangkok dangerous.

So I put the movie on my netflix queue. Finally it arrived and I pulled out the pristine blue ray.  It had not a scratch or speck of dust, as if inexplicably nobody had ever rented it before.  I debated when would be the best time to watch.  I considered the need for large amounts of alcohol but in the end I popped it in my ps3 stone cold sober. The previews started, btw previews all for really bad movies, and then the ps3 hung.  I mean completely hung.  I had to unplug it.  So weird.  I began again.  It hung at a different place.  I tried one last time.  My desire for bad Nicholas Cage hair could not be stopped.  I skipped past the previews… and it hung.

So I think my ps3 for taking the punishment so I didn’t have to.