Since I did one for Mothers day I really thought I should do a post for Fathers day.  My Dad has always been a fairly private man so this post will be short on the details. The last few years have not been easy for my Dad healthwise.  The last six months have involved hospitals and “assisted living facilities”.  Luckily he is back home now.  What has surprised me over the last couple years is the fight he has put up.

This shouldn’t have surprised me.   He always had that strength, I just failed to notice. He fought in the Vietnam war.  When he decided to quit smoking he just did.  This strength of will showed whenever it involves his sons.  He once drove through the middle of the night just get me a set of keys so I wouldn’t have my car towed.  He didn’t get home until five in the morning.

Do today I honor my Father and his strength of will. I’m glad to have inherited some of that fighting spirit.  Some might call it being stubborn,  I prefer the more noble verbiage, strength of will.