I may be fairly random and inconsistent, but one thing I do all the time is check my back pocket to make sure my wallet is there. On the flip side I don’t like sitting with my wallet in my back pocket.  So every day I get into work and take it out. It starts out just sitting on my desk but I eventually put it in the lockable over desk compartment seen below.

So this morning I rush into the office, late as usual. I haphazardly pull things out of my bag and pockets trying to get ready to start my day. I get my glass of water, take my pills, and settle down to begin work… or more precisely read web comics and catch up on all the twitter I missed overnight. About an hour later it’s time to go to a meeting.  As I am heading out of the room I check my back pocket instinctively.  Of course there is no wallet there I already took it out.  We leave the door open during the meeting, so for a second I think I should lock my wallet in the compartment. I reject the idea. I mean who could really get all the way up here in this building and why would they wander into my office.

Some time after the meeting I want something from my wallet.  I realize it doesn’t sit on the desk where I thought I had put it.  I probably put it in the compartment and just didn’t remember doing so.  I open up the thing and to my horror.. no wallet.  I check through everything. Nope gone.  This can’t be.

At lunch time I speed home in hopes that I left it there.  I remember it sat on the kitchen counter.  I open the door sure I will see it sitting there.  Nothing. I scour the apartment, checking every drawer and the pockets of previously worn pants.  

I am fairly calm but the coming horror is beginning to dawn.  All the phone calls I’ll be making: new credit cards, having to deal with the DMV to get a new license.  And all the time I’m thinking how did somebody walk in and steal it.  Why would they leave the easily accessible laptop there or other things. 

I get back to the office and begin another search. I still can’t believe it has actually been stolen. It then occurs to me, maybe I put the wallet on top of the compartment and when I opened the lid it pushed it off.  Here is what the thing looks like when open.

That’s when I notice it.  I had put the wallet on top and when I opened the lid to get it out, the lid hid the wallet beneath it. Crisis averted, lots of time wasted, and yet another reason to be consistent.