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Follow Friday: Femme au foyer

I have two interesting connections Liene the author of the blog Femme au foyer.  First off, we both graduated from the same university with the same degree.  Secondly, she is the only person who follows me using the blogger member thingy.  You can see her over there on the left as my one follower. Most people get here through twitter or google+.

The blog begins as an expat blog in France.  Liene has arrived in France with her husband and young son to begin a new life as a femme au foyer, or housewife. She takes great advantage of the time in France.  She fills the years with travel, another son, and lots of good learning opportunities. Recently they’ve returned to the US where the blog continues to chronicle the growth of the family and travels.

The biggest props I can give this blog is to say it has stayed as interesting and readable after the return to the US.  Many expat blogs either fizzle out or become uninteresting once the return home is made.  Liene tends to give us long, well written posts, filled with beautiful pictures that document the latest travel or educational opportunity.

Head on over to Femme au foyer and give it a read. As a bonus you’ll learn a lot about Latvian culture.

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  1. Liene

    Aw, really, you shouldn't have. Actually, since I'm your only follower and all… (PS, thanks for finding me "not boring" since we've moved back. I'll dedicate my next diaper-changing post to you. Just kidding. But I appreciate you becoming a follower!)

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