About once every couple of years I get the itch to go all minimalist and get rid of loads of things.  I have read a few of the books on the subject but have come up with my own way of going about the process.  It’s clearly not the best but works for me.

I pick a small area: a closet, a desk, part of a room. I then take everything out of that area and divide it into two piles.  In the keep pile goes anything useful, or it can be something I just want to keep for say sentimental reasons.  In the go pile goes everything else. The to go pile then gets divided into three piles: trash, donate, sell. 

That is not really the interesting part.  The interesting part to me is what I find that I decided to keep last time.  I always end up wondering, what was I thinking.  The one that really perplexed me this time was the ten your old can of spray paint.  I’ve moved four times since I bought it and brought it along every time.  It’s not even a standard color I would ever use for anything.  Also the box for an electronic I disposed of three years ago was a nice find.

I was happy I got to donate a bag full of my really fat clothes. 
And I never do get around to selling the sell pile.  In a year or so I see the stuff and think, oh yeah… never did sell that.