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Follow Friday: Robin Ellis

I know. I know. It is Saturday and not Friday and it is a twitter thing.  If you look down the left side column of my blog you will see the newly added Blogs I Follow section.  I plan on populating it with some of the blogs I follow.  Instead of just dumping a bunch of them on there at once, I decided to add them one at a time and do a little post about each.

First up is Robin Ellis of robin-ellis.net. Robin Ellis is an English actor who now lives in the country in France.  I have only ever seen him in an episode of Fawlty Towers. Robin has been diagnosed with diabetes.  It runs in his family.  A large number of his posts are recipes fit for a diabetic.  He calls his method of cooking a “Mediterranean style of cooking”.

My style of cooking in usually Mediterranean—based on olive oil, tomatoes and garlic. This cuisine–with a little tweaking–suits the slightly different way of eating that I adopted once the diabetes showed up.

 The flavor in these dishes and comes from spices and not from salt and fat. This makes for delicious and healthy meals. I have made several of the recipes he has featured.

Two of my favorites:

So if you are ready  for some really delicious healthy meals he is your man.  He also has a cook book.  You can find the details on his blog.

Food isn’t the only thing Robin blogs about.  He also give us entertaining snippets of his life in France. Robin places special emphasis on the animals that live with them.    

Again two of my favorites:

So I can highly recommend giving Robin’s blog a follow.  You are guaranteed (note this guarantee will not be honored anywhere in the known universe) a tasty recipe or a fun story.  Also, you might learn some info about diabetes.  


  1. Liene

    Small world, Robin Ellis has a tie with A Taste of Garlic, one of my favorite blogs before while still in France, but I had never seen his site. Thanks for the link, and the "surprise it's a rooster not a hen" laugh.

  2. Wonky73

    I found Robin Ellis' blog through the interview he did on A Taste of Garlic. I understand why, but I am sad that Keith stopped doing his blog.

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