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The disturbing beautiful sense of not knowing the future

I live so much of my life in a safe routine. Go to work, come back to work, eat the same things and do the same things. Living this way life seems to be going faster and faster. But sometimes life throws in a curve where things change and so does our outlook. For me, vacations have been good at causing this. Even if I have a good idea of the itinerary I’ll still be thrilled by the unknown. Will the flight be fine, what will the place be like, will the tour guide be good. So for those few days I am totally in the moment. A five day vacation seems to stretch on. For that period of time I want to experience so much of what is going on. During the day to day, I seem more eager to just let time pass as quickly as possible. I am always looking for something in the future.

I had this same feeling just the other week.  I wondered what I would have for dinner. Than I remembered I had a doctors appointment that afternoon. I was finally visiting the specialist to learn about a problem I have had for a long time.  I’ll spare you the details.  Being a hypochondriac, I convinced myself at the coming horrible news. I wondered what my mental state would be? What sort of phone calls would I have to make? Would I even want to eat?  Silly to think that I know what the future holds. 

I read a fair amount of blogs. It amazes me how much change and transition I see people going through in a just a few short years.  People move, change careers, have children.  Their lives, though I am sure are full of the mundane, seem to constantly be going somewhere.  My life has just been years of the exact same thing.  Might be time to start embracing more of the unknown.

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    Own a home. Plenty of unknowns to embrace.

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