The title is a reference to what may have been the shortest lived meme in internet history: Nope Chuck Testa

Winter this year decided to be rather mild. Not to cold and the most snow we got was about four inches. Spring on the other hand decided to show winter how to do it.
The warnings began a couple of day before the storm. Eighteen thousand metric tons of snow per square inch are coming!!!!  Having many times been the victim of over zealous weather people, maybe it spices up a boring job, I maintained skepticism. A day early I did stock up on some food just in case. Being March though I didn’t expect to be snowed in for long.

Given my skepticism I was not shocked when I woke up and saw this

not a snow storm

I mocked the snow gods impotence đŸ™‚  Living in Illinois I should know not to mock the snow gods.

About two pm in started again.

ok so we are getting some snow
Rut Roh. It kept snowing.  I braved the elements at one point to get you my dear twelve readers a picture.

snow tree

As it grew dark I watched the snow pile up.  My neighbors kept me entertained by more than one of them getting stuck in the middle of the parking lot. They abandoned their cars there.  Which made it hard when the plow showed up at five in the morning. I watched as a brave pizza delivery driver came in, got stuck,delivered the pizza, and then managed to get his car free.

Final snow fall after I woke up the next morning was about twelve inches.

a foot of snow on march 25

So after a winter of disappointments spring decided roar my way with a reminder that I still live in Illinois.