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I used to be skinny

In this one I post embarrassing pictures of myself. So you have that to look forward to.
I used to be skinny.  Looking back at old pictures of me from only  years ago I am so skinny and young.  
Exhibit 1:
Circa spring 2005 160 lbs

I then got fat.

Exhibit 2:
Spring 2012 212 lbs

I have to admit the second photo was staged for maximum guttness. I’d never wear that shirt out in public and the camera angle is just right.

So how did I get fat. Simple story really.  I grew older, and slower, and ate too much horrible food. Over a four year period I gained fifty pounds. At one point a couple of years ago I became determined to lose the weight and get in shape.  So I began working out fairly regularly.  I did not as it were change my eating habits.  After a workout I would convince myself it was ok to eat a tub of wings because I had just burned so many calories. The endeavor was not really successful. Without reducing the input I couldn’t keep up with the working out.  And then I injured myself so that was the end of that.

I can honestly say I am coming to you twenty pounds lighter than in the picture above.  How did it happen?  Well it wasn’t any complex diet or exercise plan. It has happened in two stages.

First I went on a vacation. No way, you exclaim. People gain weight on vacations.  Well, I went on a ten day solo trip to London and Paris. Trust me I plan to blog about this trip someday and it will be way more exciting then the usual boring stuff I have been putting here. Three things combined to make this a weight loss excursion. First , I am cheap.  I didn’t want to spend money on cabs or too much on food.  Second, When in a city I like to walk.  I like to be on the ground  with the people, hearing the sounds and taking in the sights of a city.  So I walked a good ten miles every day. Finally, when I am really into something, such as enjoying exploring two wonderful cities, and no-one is around to remind me of such things, I tend to forgot normal things, like eating. I hardly ever ate lunch and even a couple of nights I arrived back at my hotel at eleven or so and realized I hadn’t eaten dinner.

I got home from that trip and happily stepped on the scale to find that for the first time in years I was below two-hundred pounds.  I plateaued at 198 for several months and then started to lose weight again.  How did I do it the second time?  Easy, on most days I cut a hundred to two hundred calories out of my diet.  I didn’t even worry about having a day here and there were I completely pigged out.  Slowly but surely the pounds came off and I lost another 10 pounds over about four months.

I am intentionally plateauing at this new weight for a couple of months. I read in an article about losing weight that it can be good to plateau every ten pounds or so. It lets your body adjust to its new weight.  I’ve noticed this to be true.  When I first hit my new weight my waste was an inch bigger than it is now after a month at the new weight. It seemed my body did need to some time to adjust.

Hooray for success.

And just to embarrass myself some more here is another picture from years ago.

Hey Ladies wanna go to a cubs game


  1. Liene

    Congrats, and good for you. But you're right, I would like to hear about your trip.

  2. Wonky73

    I am planning several posts about the trip. Maybe I am being to ambitious.

  3. Zhu

    Congrats! I also often lose weight when traveling. It disturbs your routine, plus you do walk quite a lot. I find that once you are paying attention to what you eat and set realistic goals, the weight can come off easily.

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