I live in no-wheresville Illinois. We have a saying around here.  Don’t like the weather, wait an hour. It describes the unpredictability of weather around here.  I’ve seen the temperature change 40F 22C in one day.

So yesterday Illinois decided to remind us of its unpredictable nature.  I am sitting in my office when I look out the window and see it start to rain. It rains for about two seconds then switches to snow. It snows for about fifteen minutes. Ten minutes later it’s sunny as can be outside.

A little bit later I look out the windows and see

not fog snow. looks like the end of the world outside

That is not fog.  That is some serious snow squall white out action.  It lasted a couple of minutes and then snowed for  a bit and before I knew it we were back to sunny skies.  Just for good measure it did it again about an hour later.