The work week went by in the normal boring work week fashion in which I didn’t get enough stuff done.  Monday night I did go to my buddies little dive bar. He doesn’t really run a dive bar I just call it that. He actually charges quite a bit to keep the riffraff out. He recently had the States gambling machines installed in a bid to stay solvent, him and the State.  While I was there hanging out with some friends I decided to through six dollars in one of the machines.  Just for fun I did the minimum bets. Lo and behold I hit a “big” win and cashed out twenty-five dollars.
I had made plans over the weekend to head up to my parents for visit. As I ran around in the morning trying to get ready I went for a short walk by the pond. Lo and behold (love that I used that twice this post ) there sat our friendly neighborhood heron.  I ran back to get my camera.
Not a heron

I enjoyed the weekend at my parents.  After driving up on Saturday, I wandered around downtown Naperville with my friend.   I bought tea and we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Potter’s Place. It was good, not great. I would be willing to try it again.

Sunday I spent time with my parents and then drove back home. I lead an exciting and unique life