A few years ago they did some work near my place to help deal with a flooding problem we had. They put in new drainage and as part of it put in a beautiful pond/ runoff ditch. What has happened over the following years has been amazing. They didn’t plant anything. They didn’t bring in any animal species. Yet the tine place, it can’t be more than a couple of acres, has blossomed with an amazing diversity of plants and animals.
We have ducks and geese but also beavers, toads, herons, and loads of other birds. So what’s this about toads screaming? Well, often when I would walk near the pond I would hear an eeeek and then a small splash. I finally caught sight of what was making the eeek! The toads scared by my presence were screaming and jumping in the water to escape. When I looked up what Herons eat I realized they had a lot more than me to worry about.

Here is a bunch of photos I took (I tried to get a picture of the Heron but she was never around when I had my camera):

Need to click to see the toad

The aforementioned toad