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TWTW 22nd through the 28th: A Journey That Began Summer 2007

I Get a big nocturnal visitor

A Long Journey Ends

A long journey began in the summer of 2007. It began with the words “My name is Michael Weston, and I used to be a spy.”

For several years I caught every episode of Burn Notice I could get. But I never did watch the final season. I am not sure why. Maybe I never wanted the show to end. The whole series is available on Amazon prime so I started once again from episode. It felt like traveling back in time. Motorola Razors( the old ones) were cool cutting edge technology. I surprised myself with how many episodes and even individual lines I remembered. I finally watched the whole thing.

I didn’t enjoy the final season nearly as much as the earlier episodes. Many people will point out that the final season lost it’s Michael helps a person of the week format. That’s not the big difference in my opinion. I went back and watched the very first episode and it was pure fun. Everything was done with a wink and a smirk. The final season was just dark and angsty . It had lost its fun.

TWTW March 8th through the 14th: I Break A Stove

First, I learn how long it takes to pre-heat an oven

Until very recently I had no idea how long it took to pre-heat an oven. Oh, I thought I knew. I just didn’t really know. I’d turn the oven on and give it a minute or two. I mean it as hot so it must be pre-heated. I found out it takes a lot longer to do. The stove at this house is way more modern than I am used to. The stove from my apartment had been there since the place had been built in the nineties.

I was cooking a pizza in the oven. I had pre-heated it for a whole minute and then put the pizza in and set the timer. About two minutes from the pizza being done the oven made a loud beep. I realized the beep was the oven finally reaching the pre-heat temperature. It took over ten minutes

I Break A Stove

Speaking of stoves, the new fancy stove has a new fancy control panel. It’s digital and has buttons for setting the temp etc. I pushed a button on the panel and there was a crack and the panel fell back into the stove. Turns out the panel was screwed to the stove with cheap plastic clips that had all broken. It still works but just hangs there. I could get you a picture but I can’t be bothered. That’s all the way upstairs.

New Laptop

My mom got me a new cheap little laptop for my birthday. She had originally bought it for herself but turns out she didn’t need it. So I have it now and am typing this post on it.

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